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Yacht Trailer

Date 2016-05-01 09:20

Yacht-3 Yacht-2 Yacht-1

Please,don’t reupload!!

Thanks:Micha_BF3 !!!

Good Game

Author: Lordofking1100


Palettenservice Hamburg Doublepack

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4 Responses to Yacht Trailer

  1. Sid Snot

    I’d like to see you park this trailer in Eddys or any of the other small places, only idiots do trailers this long.

  2. why would you be delivering a boat to a grocery store?

  3. Brandon

    The game has always adjusted for the longer trailers for me. Even a crane that had the boom sticking out past the back of the trailer for almost another full trailer length. My parking option at the drop off was in a different location from where I normally drop and the length of the outlined area was stretched accordingly. I’ve never had a long trailer going to Eddy’s though. Just getting in to some of their parking lots would be almost impossible.

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