D-Tec Trailers Pack v 1.0

D-Tec-Trailers-2 D-Tec-Trailers-1

– Tested and
– Standalone
– 7 Different Trailers
– Compatible with all trailer packs

– 20ft Container
– 2x20ft Container
– 20ft Tank
– 40ft Container
– 45ft Container
– Empty D-Tec Trailer
– Empty D-Tec Flexi Trailer

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

D-TEC Combitrailer: Peerke145
Base Model: Flexitrailer by Igor and Daniel77
Containers: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson and SheryO
Skins & Textures: Nordisch, Pauli and Arnook
Updated Cargos: John Dalton
Convert to ATS: Zetor165Maxterra


10 thoughts on “D-Tec Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. Looks good but those are not seen in the US

    1. You don’t expect these little kids to know that, do ya????

    2. I know they are not particularly found in America I did a lot of research into them. Thats why is been a week since my last mod I put out. I also put over 15 hours of testing into this mod to make sure everything worked and there was no errors of any kind. The question here is do you like them and do they work well in the game? As long as they work well for you and you enjoy using the mod I’m happy.

      1. I completely understand and I truly thank you for your work and time you put into modding for the community. I can see myself for sure using this in ETS 2 but for some reason seeing euro trailers in American looks funny to me. I have to say though that they are quality looking trailers and cargo.

        1. Yeah I understand where your coming from with it being funny seeing trailers like these in ATS but I hope you still enjoy playing with and having a good time and Thanks for your support and being nice about it and everything. Have fun Trucking Bud

  2. Another euro trailer in ATS kids KIDS.

    1. vanio…these mods are uploaded for those that would like more variety in the game no body is forcing you to download them and stick them in your game mate….as for calling them kids ? well these kids are doing a better job than you at creating mods lol :)

      1. Johnny Rotten

        Yes, of course we want variety in the game who doesn’t, but, D-TEC Combi trailers are Dutch, why don’t mods create AMERICAN content, we don’t see European trailers in America, what part of that don’t you mods understand?????

        BUILD AMERICAN CONTENT, pleeeeeeeeeze.

  3. Mas Elcnu

    Yet NOBODY ever complained about american trucks and trailers in ETS2… go figure.

  4. I am all for realism, but honestly, it’s just a trailer. Now we go back to the eternal dilemma: Who complained about the T800, 389, 351, W900, Volvo VNL all being in ETS2? NO ONE! We were all happy we got more trucks to enjoy in the game.

    ATS is lacking in the trailer department. Having some variety is highly welcome. These trailers look gorgeous. True; they don’t look good in every truck, but in some they do. That super short tanker looks fantastic when being pulled by the Pete 351.

    The only thing I would change? Add US plates, and maybe change the tires and wheels for the Super Single Tires with the Seagull Single Wheels. they would look absolutely bad ####!

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