WX Weather Environment v1.1


Grafics & Environment


– Adaptation to the new version of the game Patch 1.23.x or higher.
– Removed unnecessary files.
– Added Guard-rails with reflective By Brutal HD Engine.
– Added realistic lighting By Realistic Lightning.
– Tested in Default Map + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Going East.
– Tested on Map Promods v2.0 + Rusmap.
– Do not have compatibility with the EAA Map.
– Do not have compatibility with RBR Map.
– You are advised to activate HDR in the graphics of the game configuration panel.
– Use the probability of rain between 25% and 50%.
– There may be incompatible with other maps and Mods of Climate and Environment.
– Free distribution.

Test 1.2.x

Authors: i9 Simulations Team


19 thoughts on “WX Weather Environment v1.1

  1. “Tested in Default Map + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Going East” ……………… man, here is the place for ATS, what Scandinavia and Going Est ???!!

    1. truckerbobisnub

      oh look another sad little baby if do not like then simply do not download and install to the game you own you sad little ####

      1. Patrick Halkiewicz

        Don’t think you understood what he said… He posted a mod for ETS2 in an ATS mod site, are you so blind that you can’t see the issue with that?

  2. Top dollar, great mod with great enhancements. :) Scandinavia/going east …. good maps…. but to be fair, ATS has at ;)

  3. So is this for ATS or ETS ?

  4. Deputydawg

    The pictures show ATS but the changelog shows it’s for ETS. Sounds like this mod is going through an identity crisis.

  5. This mod version is for ATS, I have it and it works just fine.

  6. AUTHOR TO LAZY TO MAKE A TEXT FOR ATS ………imagine the mod then…..no download for me

  7. Tassioduda

    Funciona tanto no ets quanto ats, testei nos dois

  8. so, is this a replacement for piva weather mod? better? different? how so ?

  9. oh and does it work with the available map mods for ATS?

  10. Johnny Rotten

    My game is brilliant already similar to screenshot 2, why do we need another environment and weather mod version, it’ll never get any better.

  11. Sunrise/sunset better colour, richer colours (yeah I’m a Brit hence the ‘U’ in colour). There are reflectors on the central barriers (not reflective enough sadly). The rain is more realistic and generally, the colours are more life like giving an overall better experience.

    No one said you have to change, but this is the place for mods, and if you’re not going to try stuff out then . . . what’s the point ;)

  12. Loce this weather mod and thank you for adapting it in ATS.
    The only thing for me is the color change of the main road lines (from white have changed to yellow). This is only my disagreement about this mod.

    1. I noticed that, but not being an American, I wasn’t sure if it was right or not. Let’s hope the modder responds :)

      1. Yeah. In America lines are white. (i’m not an American as well). :)

  13. Ok…I took out piva weather mod. ..and this mod made it feel like a new game awesome job.the colors (no “u, here in murica, Bill).are so much better, night time and transitions are,amazing, the lighting makes such a difference, great mod

    1. Hola,

      Great stuff.

      Only downside is the speed of dawn breaking to full daytime, seems out of step with sunset/sundown…… any chance original modder could ‘tweak’ it a bit… make dawn last slightly longer.

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