Western Star 4800 Custom ATS 1.31 & 1.32.x

Has 3 cabs, various engines, nice options and is for ATS 1.31, 1.32
Tested on 1.31, 1.32.x version

RTA Team


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7 thoughts on “Western Star 4800 Custom ATS 1.31 & 1.32.x

  1. Martin Wenzel

    How do I buy this in game? I can’t find it at any of the dealers.

  2. RandomPerson

    This file isn’t safe. When clicking trying to download from the modfiles website, it brings up another website that instantly downloads a virus. Not a safe mod.

  3. This mod does not work!!
    You go into to customise it and the 6×4 chassis does not come up as a 6×4 it is a tri-drive tripple axle at the back! even in the 6×4 .sii files under chassis it is configured as a tri-drive

  4. is it working on 1.33

  5. Still+getting+a+Ransom+Ware+virus+with+this+download.

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