38 thoughts on “Peterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker ATS 1.31 & 1.32

  1. mehrab rjl 8000

    no test video?!

  2. This is a great mod I’m glad this thing is back. The only problem i notice is the camera inside the workshop i cant turn it, it just stays on the front i can turn partly but not the full 360 idk if it”s me or this mod but other then that its a great mod cant wait t see if the modding community can put company logos on.

    1. Sh0kGaming

      This happens for me for some odd reason. Happens with all trucks. Trailer view camera works fine.

    2. when the download take you to the exe site exit it and go back and click download the sites it opens are some ###### sites like I kept getting the ###### Microsoft one

    3. get the workshop camera fix

  3. how do i buy the truck it does not show up in the dealership.

    1. Sh0kGaming

      The wrecker will not show up in the dealership. Find the Peterbilt 388 truck in the standard dealership, then customize it with the Wrecker chassis.

      1. VortexTheArticFox

        Wrecker Chassis wont show up under Peterbilt 389

  4. please update trailers

  5. Truck looks fantastic, my only complain is if you choose the crane “up” one and then pick up a bus or other tow, it just appears to float in mid air. But if you use the crane “down” you kind of just drive around with a tow bar hanging around until you get to your tow…is it possible to make the tow bar go from up to down once you attach to the “trailer” (tow) like how the trailer stands lift up when you couple?

    Some form of animation or even just a up to down motion.

  6. I have the mods in Mods inventory but when i go to buy it not find in dealers… somoenes can help me ?

    1. Sh0kGaming

      It is not a default option. Go to the dealership and go to the chassis menu to find the wrecker body.

    2. Can you email it to me [email protected] it would be a huge favor and I’m very into this kind of stuff

  7. RandomPerson

    The download is to a website that then tries to download an .exe file and my anti-virus catches it before it does. Not a safe download.

    1. I get the same thing off this site every time I try to download from it! It wants to download an application, not a file! I pulled my gun and backed out of there…

  8. please, know how to handle the crane? thanks

  9. hey guys, how does that crane control, pls?

  10. deadl12gun

    Im having a problem installing when I try to extract the files to my mods folder i get a Winrar error that says not enough memory.

  11. towtrucker162


  12. help please I’m having problems with finding the right files to extract apparently. ive downloaded and extracted and it all showed up in my mods folder in game but the truck is not showing up in the dealership. what am I doing wrong

  13. Jacob 1741

    I need the password because it is a protected archive

  14. When I try to use the tow truck, it glitches and bounces causing my controller to constantly shake. I have tried it with the tow bar raised and lowered. Also once I hit the highway it goes out of control due to the bouncing motion. Is there a way to fix this!?

    1. You have to raise the axel

    2. Will Garner-jones

      disable suspension phsyics

  15. It doesn’t
    work to download

  16. hi have the mod but it keeps crashing pls help

  17. Is this going to be fixed and updated to 1.34?

  18. iann maher


  19. Does+it+work+on+version+1.34?

    1. Darin Curl

      yes it works in 1.34

  20. alexis pinero

    how you can pick a tow job?

  21. Will wait for a few more features and updated for 1.35 but looks great.

    1. does it work on 1.35

  22. Could you upgrade this great mod to 1.37.

  23. What+up+guys.+I’m+new+here+even+in+the+game+love+the+ats+so+cool.+Any+tips+from+u+guys+even+for+mods+am+all+new+first+time+have+windows+in+like+7!years.+Bought+the+pc+from+my+brother.+I’m+a+ps4+fan+but+man+pc+sick!

  24. michael Robert walker

    any chance updating to 1.38

  25. Is this mod still available or is it way outdated

  26. how do i download it

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