Wabash Durplate


Game version:

SCS box_long = Wabash Duraplate
SCS curtain_long = Wabash Duraplate with skirts
SCS curtain = Wabash Duraplate HD with skirts

Terms of use:
Do as you wish, but remember to post Credits :)

Plug ‘n play

When detached, the doors on the trailers are opened. When attached, they are closed.


March 2016

Ivan aka. Hardtruckisthebest, trailer and textures
Superman, landinggear (reworked by Ivan and Yankee Trucker)
Dciving aka. Codfish :D, shadowmodel
Bruno77, company skins
Ventyres, rims and hub (reworked by Bora)
Cascadia, tyre texture
Bora, tyres, lightmask, retexturing, scaling and convertion


4 thoughts on “Wabash Durplate

  1. not standalone=no need

  2. renenate12

    nice trailer . but signal light its in wrong place

  3. Bill Alicea

    Do I remove this mod?

    And only install Wabash Durplate mod or both can be used?

  4. Andrew T-Rex

    It’s Nov 2017 can this mod be updated please? It’s showing red trailer shadow or red trailer wheels. This is my favorite dryvan to use. Thank you for a great mod

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