Mirror Field of View replacement


This is a mod that replaces the standard mirror fov with that of a more realistic fov. Quick guide to set them up correctly is to have a quarter inch truck the rest is road. Feel free to reupload this file. If you have any issues let me know. Regards, Tristan.

Author: Tristan


7 thoughts on “Mirror Field of View replacement

  1. ken howard

    But we already have the F4 function to alter the mirror positions, and not all the American trucks we now have in the game, including the Freightliners, Mack, etc, have mirrors in that position, you #####.

    1. Really ken? You resort to calling me an #####? All I wanted to do was bring some more realism to the table by reducing the excessive mirror warp in the default mirror fov which makes it harder to see where your tandems are at in cockpit view without the help of F2 when backing. You can still use the mirror adjustment function by the way. I thought I’d let you know because obviously you never tried it before making your low-brow insults.

      1. RegularJohn53

        Don’t listen to him, Tristan, his IQ is probably lower than his age.

    2. RegularJohn53

      You’re even bigger #####. It’s not a repositioning of the mirrors. It changes the mirror’s field of view…

  2. This is a very simple question. If you do not like MOD, you do not download, but do not insult people who spend their time working for others. Good MOD Tristan.

  3. Bill Alicea

    WOW, some people….Thanks for your work Tristan. Its a good contribution.

  4. I have it befor the update, but now it crasst ATS .
    I loved it. Have it in ets2, and work fin dar.

    Sorry for my Englisch

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