Volvo VT880


– Interior
– 2 types of rear wheels + rims
– 3 types of front wheels +rims
– Sound
– Normal and Metallic paints
– No acessories
– Not available for fast job and for truck showroom
– Side mirror have bugs

Sant457, BigBob, Jesse, Kriechbaum, ExCrimea, scaniamatteo


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9 thoughts on “Volvo VT880

  1. What truck dealer is the 880 in please?

  2. Matheus L. Linhares

    no video?

  3. Faelandaea

    I am not downloading this yet until mirror issues are fixed, but I do want to say I;’ll be keeping an eye out for this in the future when it is updated. Very nice work and the screenshots look like a VERY beautiful truck. Don;t worry about the accessories. This is America, not Europe. But if this baby gets the mirrors fixed and can be skinned … perfect :)

  4. MonsterMinds

    Needs a Jake Brake and the Mirrors fixed

    great start tho

  5. Truck live in USA with russian number plate !? ))))

    1. CrazyBlazeChicken


  6. Serious Sam

    yeah – really the non removable russian number plate really annois me, since in fact it has nothing to do with any love or hate – simply i want to have my WOT plate on it. The rig itself is fantastic and i often drove it in ETS2 already.

    So please dear modders can you get your hands on removing remaining bugs and eventaully get the fixed plate banned.


  7. Could you make this for a low end PC? And add an option to the exhaust if people don’t want dual exhaust pipes? Thank you very much.

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