Kenworth T600


– Standalone with shop/showroom/company
– Tuning (bumpers, sun visors, wings, extra mirrors, extra lighting dome on the roof, statues on the hood)
– Its interior
– Their sound
– Truck and bake painted
– Light Mask
– Log is error free

slava1, vitalik062, Matgamer


9 thoughts on “Kenworth T600

  1. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    1,….2,…..sold lol
    thanks for that mate

  2. Nice mod.

    But a there is a bug: rightside mirrors are not good, you see the front of the mirror.

  3. Good Truck so far, but there are some holes between Bumper and Chassis

    and Engine housing to cabin

  4. Globetrotter

    Template please?

  5. Doktor_Psix

    Прикольный модик,хоть и весит мало!

  6. Can the cab be updated?

  7. pumpkinatom5000

    can I have truck

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