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Volvo VNR 2018 [1.31]

Date 2018-06-14 15:57

Volvo VNR 2018 for ATS 1.31.x

New update (8/6/2018)

New interior ( will have improvements in each update)
Volvo dealer
3 cabs

Good Trip

scs, franck_peru, yekko-yek, jekich1


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25 Responses to Volvo VNR 2018 [1.31]

  1. Doesnt+appear+in+truck+browser+++crash+in+dealer.+Have+used+the+load+order+as+shown+in+the+.rar

  2. martin

    sorry to say the game crashed and there was alot of lag as well…. nice truck tho

  3. REVIEW:

  4. Ricardo Ferrari

    It is working perfectly, a great model and very well detailed, just a detail, in the rain the cleaners do not draw water from the glass, they work but do not do their job. Could someone check how to fix this?

  5. Ricardo S.A

    Hola Franck, una duda, cuando meto el mod, no me aparece para comprarlo en ninguna de las concesionarias, tengo el mod de Viva México con el de Zacatecas, Skin de la Policia Federal y ya, podrias ayudarme?

  6. Mikle

    Screen wipers do not clean screen. Cant see them moving from outside when turned on.

  7. 66lwmorgan

    After download is complete and I click on the rar file it says it’s broke.

  8. Хрень полная гавнище ваш мод,не стоит даже скачивать,сырая модель напрочь вся!

  9. FanATS

    Neither a rar nor a zip can be played, please repair the archive?

  10. Nic

    I have no Trucksound….I have Sound Fixes Pack v18.12.1 in my Modload….The Trafficsound can be heard

  11. Kamil22

    Correct the archive because the error is in the SCS file Volva can not enter?

  12. Kasius

    1) Windshield wipers do not clean rain drops!!! 2) how to turn on tv?

  13. Cade

    I am on a MAC computer and it shows in the dealer. Anytime you click it, it crashes the game. Does any one have any ideas what is going wrong?

  14. Cingiz Salmanov

    cant see truck in my truck list. set it to high priority

  15. not sure why but my comments are not posting.

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