Peterbilt 377 by HFG

Updates to dealer 1.31
-airlines (2)
-exhausts (4)
-bumper (1)

Preparation for
-daycab tanks
-daycab exhausts

Adjust collisions

guidot, AMT, Kreichbaum, KW_Driver, Cedric, James60470, Mars812, Cascadia, polarexpress17, bay0net, hardtruckisthebest


10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 377 by HFG

  1. Jonathan Huckins

    when i selected the horns on the top one the game crash

  2. Video test here … Nice truck :)

  3. game crashes ugly truck no tuning

    1. MIne works great. Way to be productive with your criticism.

      1. sissy88 take your bullshit outta here, dumbass

  4. how do you get those wide rear tires and rims?

    1. They are a private super single mod.

      1. can i buy them or send the link to my email

  5. can i buy them or send me the link to my email

  6. Chow says.

    It was an old truck Peterbilt 377 in 1999.

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