Volvo VNL


– Interior
– Sound
– Accessories

Authors: SCS, AU44, ATS: DeXtor31


17 thoughts on “Volvo VNL

  1. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps GTX 980 Video:

  2. God #### this is a glorious piece of art. Great job!

  3. If your going to port in from ets2 then do it correctly this is a mess .

  4. Peterbilt dashboard display
    FH16 dash
    It has potential though

  5. Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to convert trucks from ETS 2 to ATS? I’ve been searching, but haven’t found anything…

    1. No need a tutorial,just change the truck dealer definition from ets2,to kenworth or peterbilt

  6. TruckSimFan

    All versions of the VNL (in ETS2) had the FH16 dash…

  7. Guys, it’s far better than NO VNL. As a quick conversion, I can live with the Pete display and FH dash, but the shiny red mirror (you can see it in the 1st pic) could be easier to fix. Unfortunately, it comes with am assortment of lightbars, but no addon lights/horns, and you have to adjust the seat position all the way back. What I don’t like is the level 24 requirement.

  8. Always crash the game after i buy this truck

  9. Hi there is a problem with the mirror do not have any mods only two so please fix it myself that I wanted to buy a truck and a mistake here or will be fixed quickly please copy thanks

  10. Speedometer needs to be changed to Miles Per Hour, not KPH.

  11. MonsterMinds

    crashes my game :(

  12. scania_dragon

    A truck with a german dashboard for ATS ?

  13. fucky mcfuckwit

    my cat like’s stuff

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