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8 thoughts on “Kenworth W900

  1. ATS (beta)

    Download from Sharemods is much faster and is original link ;D

  2. GameplayHD2015

    Engine sound dissapears when accelerating!

    1. Same problem with the sound!

  3. no engine sound

  4. nicko7044

    i have no engine sound too

  5. Okay… i finally managed to fix the sound!

    You just have to extract the Kenworth_W900.scs file somewhere and then repackage it with the ‘Store’ compression level. Then place it in the mods folder, and you have working sounds.

    Your welcome! :)

  6. ok its working after repacking it but now there’s is no Jake Brake how do I fix it??

  7. its working after repack but no jake Brake how to fix it?

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