Volvo VNL Reworks ByCapital v 1.7

This is my reworked version of SCS’s Volvo VNL. It is a replacer mod so if you already own VNL’s you will have to enter the truck manager and re-buy some stuff, but you shouldn’t need to sell any trucks.

This mod adds:

VNL 430 Cab
VNL 630 Cab
VNL 670 Cab
VNL 300 Rigid Cab

Taglift chassis
Rigid 6×2 chassis

Lots of tuning.

The mod is for game version 1.36 and above only!

Install by just drop the ZIP-file in your mod folder and activate it in mod manager.

TEMPLATES for Volvo VNL Reworks v1.7

DOWNLOAD Invisible Trailer for ATS v1.1
To be used with rigid chassis

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.



13 thoughts on “Volvo VNL Reworks ByCapital v 1.7

  1. licinio costa

    Sr. Capital you need actualise Scania t tandem for 1.36

  2. licinio costa

    Anth this volvo she very nisse thaks

  3. Thanks for this update. I wished you had a low bumper version and also about the invisible trailer, how long is it?
    Because when reversing it’s difficult to know the end of the trailer and then it messes up the truck

  4. i think need reworked interior on this truck because original interior its very ugly

  5. first need reworked the wipers and mirrors

  6. Can+you+remove+gps+on+the+dashboard?+I+would+be+very+grateful.

  7. sorry to tell you this invisible trailer idea has a big problem because it is either to long (when dropped shows a trailer outline of a 35 foot trailer not a 28 foot trailer)
    which keeps the product from being qued to pickup at loading dock. tried every concievable idea to work, but no goooooo. truck seems to work fine

  8. i used a 28 dryvan regular setup and the pickup outline is further from the wall on the ground at pickup site. had no problems ,but when i hooked up the invisible trailer even the trailer will recess into the wall behind the trailer about 1/3 length before it stops. to short for the trailer queing spot to be activated. please correct trailer positioning.

  9. for+those+who+are+following+this+item+”game+play”++option+select”Automatic+Parking+Dialog”,activate+item.+while+in+game+play+go+to+”parking+difficulty”+and+change+item+to”safe+parking”+now+return+to+game.+these+changes+allow+you+to+load+using+to+pickup+box+(which+will+not+highlight+due+to+the+trailer+being+totally+under+box+of+truck+due+to+short+length),and+for+the+delivery+will+allow+you+to+drive+straight+in,activating+highlighting+of+box+and+unload+normally.+This+may+only+be+a+temporary+work+around+but+it+works+for+now.

  10. I think I got edited. Go to menu “gameplay” select options “Automatic parking dialog” activate ite. goto parking difficulty, change to “safe parking”. return to game. This allows you to back into pickup slot and get load and drive straight in for the delivery, activating box and unload narmally.

  11. To follow Mr Capitol’s progress use this link

  12. gracias

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