Kenworth T880 2017

Kenworth T880 1.36.xx
personalización totalmente al estilo mexicano
el mod al ser la versión gratis incluye únicamente 2 chasis (corto y largo) de igual manera incluye 3 cabinas funcionales
Day cab
Mid Rof con rompe vientos
High Rise
Cuenta con algunos accesorios de estilo mexicano
mapeado en su totalidad para skins
Disfruten el mod
Kenworth T880 1.36.xx
Totally Mexican style customization
the mod being the free version includes only 2 chassis (short and long) in the same way includes 3 functional cabins
Day cab
Mid Rof with windbreaker
High rise
It has some Mexican style accessories
fully mapped to skins
Enjoy the mod

Alexis Garcia


4 thoughts on “Kenworth T880 2017

  1. Try it today. Result, direct crash …

    1. Alexis García

      it may be that the shock is being caused by some other mod since this mod works perfectly from 1.31.xx to 1.36.xx

      1. New test today, and without changing anything, it works! Do not try to understand …
        Thanks you for the mod !

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