18 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 Knights Transportation Combo Pack

  1. Good job. More VNL skin will be welcome:)

    1. Hey Mike …..im in the middle of doing one now ….well im not because im on here :)

  2. Looks great, thanks!

    1. David your trailer and the Volvo by Aradeth along with the skin area a match made in heaven …they look great in game…though i dont use it :)

      1. I agree! I love it!

  3. I was searching so long for a mod like this. There are some Knight Transportation ones for the 670 but none of them is with red color. So I gave gray looking Knight transportation skin for the 670 to a friend of mine and he converted to look like yours. This happened yesterday and I was thinking of uploading lol!!

    Thanks for your work, I’ll try and see if it’s better than mine. One question, is it possible to let us change the color of the truck while using this skin? I mean why all skins seem to have a locked color?

    And by the way… Anyone here watching IndianaJack on youtube? He uses the exact same truck and has the same Knight skins.. He was the reason I got into 670s and Knight mods!!

    1. Hi Sakis thanks for the kind words ….i only use CS3 Extended and ETS 2 Studio to create my skins so as for the skins being locked my friend i have no idea as i dont intentionally lock them, i have looked at the options for CS3 and the skins can be locked but i dont and cant find any ref in ets2 studio for unlocking the skin before its converted…..i can however just change the color for you and give you the link via email or on here if you so wish to download the new color skin.


      1. Hey, it’s me again I just created an account here! No I don’t need you to go to all this trouble for me. I already love this skin the way it is with the red color. I tried your mod now and it’s better compared to mine. My friend’s version had bad resolution on the Knight logo, but yours is great.

        Thanks for the upload :)

        1. thanks mate….happy truckin!!

  4. Arthur Vince

    Nice one…Fiduss!!

    1. thank you Arthur

  5. Hey Fidiuss, I re-edited the cargo on my Knight trailer if you want to have English cargo. It was in another language and I had forgotten to edit them to something else. I also edited my other trailer mods as well to English cargos now if you have any of those. They are all in English now. Sorry about that.

    1. great news i looked at the uploads today and they are awesome thanks David….i cant do trailers very well for ATS only ETS so im waiting for them to release ATS studio…then i can finally do a trailer for my virtual company for ATS…

    2. take a look at this combo which i use in ETS2 this trailer is what at some point i will do for ATS …hopefully before i get taken to a care home :)


      1. I think you did a good job man! The more skins you do, the more you will learn too. My technique improved over time. Having a good mod to skin helps tremendously! That and finding the right graphics to put on your trailer or truck for good resolution and detail. I looked back at some of my earlier stuff and i’m like…###…lol I had a good teacher though (aka Bobbo662) and I learned a lot. He was the one who got me to skinning to begin with and showed me how. Hey a fella just commented, turns out the stewowe trailers are still just one at a time in-game. I haven’t checked to confirm personally yet though. I can’t drive 2 trailers at once anyhow so i’m ok with it. Would be nice to have them all show up, but I don’t know how to do that kinda stuff. I stick to skinnin! lol btw, happy truckin with my skins for many many miles man! :)

        1. awesome David….for me i owe it to youtube ….and trial and error lol…..im in the process of building a site dedicated to just company skins and if its ok with you i will promote your work on the site also link up your trailer work for people to download….my site is still in its infancy atm but hopefully it will take off over the coming months…..cheers mate…..


  6. I noticed the volvo v1.2 by aradeth has been updated to v1.3 with extra accessories. which author of the volvo 670 is used for the truck skin, as there are 3 different authors in ATS or this truck as of now?

    1. hi James the skins should work for both …you can delete the 1.2 and replace with 1.3!

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