RM Williams Custom skin for the K200 V11 and Matching Trailer


RM Williams skin for the V11 K200 along with a matching trailer,the Trailer is the RD Moving Van by B4RT,there is the download link for both the skin for the truck an the trailer that has the RM Williams skins on it.

More skins available on my website

Facebook link on website.



8 thoughts on “RM Williams Custom skin for the K200 V11 and Matching Trailer

  1. Here is the link for the Trailer with the RM Williams skin on it.


  2. trucker rob

    where can I find a link for the k200 latest version plz?

  3. Where did you get the trailer template

    1. template is in thetrailer mod

  4. Where did you get the K200 mod in the first place, ive looked around but i cant seem to find it.

  5. У меня два варианта К-200 и ни на одном из них не показывает твой скин правильно.Твой скин-мод сломан чувак.Выкинь его на помойку.

  6. Johnny Rotten

    $25 for a truck, are these people mad, the whole game only cost $30, talk about greed. I bet there just a bunch of kids messin’ around, not, running a proper business, I’ll get the K100 free model instead, I’m sure it’s equally as good quality.

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