Volvo NH12 Reworked [1.30.X]

Reworked Volvo NH12 for ATS

Complete standalone don’t need any truck to work
Buy in Volvo dealer (in default maps Volvo dealers are in Las Vegas, Tucson)
in additional maps can be found somewhere else too.

6 Engines
8 Transmissions
12 Chassis
Have some own accesories
Compatible with SiSL’s accesories Megapack

Updated “exclusive” interior
Updated sounds
Cutted down unreal engines and transmissions
Added 1 additional 750hp engine with own sound for heavy cargoes

Robert Lima
Lucas Coelho for some parts
Adapted for ATS vasja555


8 thoughts on “Volvo NH12 Reworked [1.30.X]

  1. Lots of errors and warnings in gamelog because of this truck, when I disabled it all of them gone…

  2. Do you need a mod to get the volvo dealers i can ‘t find it..

    1. It’s written pretty clear in the description where you can find them. If you still have trouble with it, look at this video:

      1. I also do not have a Volvo trader.

  3. MoltenBaco

    No texture for the steering wheel. did not purchase because of this so no other testing was done

  4. MoltenBaco

    No texture for the steering wheel. Did not use because of this.

  5. I use C2C and Cana Dream, but I do not find a Volvo dealer. The original map also has no Volvo. I do not know why. What’s happening?

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