Scania Trucks for ATS

ATTENTION! You have the right not to use these mods and the delete them your out PC. You can freely distribute these mods on your behalf.
_ _ American Truck Simulator _ _ ver.1.30.x
Scania Trucks for ATS – mod: Scania_for_ATS_v.18.III.14.scs
This mod adds Scania trucks (from ETS 2) to ATS.
– Scania R
– Scania R (2016)
– Scania S (2016)
– Scania Streamline
mod version: 18.III.14 / fixed and added

and an additional mod: Scania_headlight_v18.III.08.scs
This mod changes light of the headlights in all trucks scania for ATS:
– Scania R
– Scania R (2016)
– Scania S (2016)
– Scania Streamline
– – –
all in archive: Scania_for_ATS_v.18.III.14.rar (~142mb)

in this mods were used parts of mods – Kriechbaum, adi2003de and other mods, authors I do not know.



5 thoughts on “Scania Trucks for ATS

  1. Chow says.

    Buys Scania trucks American truck Simulator. It crashes at the Kenworth
    dealerships and Peterbilt dealership online. Please fixes!


  3. Looks+good,+works+fine+for+me+now.+But+there’s+one+thing+why+this+mod+is+no-go+for+me+atm.

    1. And sorry for those +….

  4. Sorry, my first post is little messy…
    Looks good, works fine for me now. But there’s one thing why this mod is no-go for me atm.
    I’m not a fan of taking euro trucks to ATS, but OK, I’d give it try. But this mod is quite breaking immersion,
    Scanias taking over almost all quick jobs and making more than 50% of AI traffic.
    I would prefer having such mod only as option to buy these trucks via dealers….

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