Viva Mexico Map v 2.0 Rescale (Baja California)

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Compatible 1.5.x American Truck Simulator

More miles of road, new roads, new improvements, with the mapping of Mexico, starting with Baja California, northern state of the country …

New Cities:
• Tijuana
• Mexicali
• Ensenada
• San Felipe
• El Rosario
• Punta Prieta
• Guerrero Negro

– Bus stations were added
-Tijuana and Mexicali rebuilt
-New view of “La Rumorosa”
– Signs with road numbers and GPS

-The skins trailer were separated

-Pack de Skins para camiones diseñadas por: Erick Sandeb
(Coca Cola, Pepsi, Corona, Tecate, Castores, Sabritas, Pemex, Comex, Cemex, Alpura, Quaker State, Ford, Walmart)



24 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Map v 2.0 Rescale (Baja California)

  1. There’s a invisible wall in San Diego , under the bridge in wallbert near Tijuana , be carefull , i allready ask to HUgoces to repair it

    1. Thanks for support,

      fix this bug :)

    2. Yes, that was a bit of a surprise. You run into it in both directions. Thank goodness you can bypass it by getting off, then back on the freeway.

  2. I downloaded the map again and it’s been fixed thanks Hugoces , now guys enjoy the ride across Baja

  3. I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but was it really necessary to hide it behind THREE layers of ad-####?

    Map is really nice though, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Sorry, but it is a way for the project to remain free :)

  4. Is+this+a+addon+and+if+so+what+is+do+i+add+it+to.

  5. Is this a addon ? if so what do i add it to

    1. Jesse the ###### hater

      The exact same F*cking place you put every other mod, grab the SCS file or if there isn’t a SCS then grab the ZIP file and put it in your mods folder in the documents and if you don’t have then put a file folder there named mod


    Thank you for this great nap hugoces but it’s always problematic to download for me anyway, I don’t care about the adds it’s the ###### virus alert that block me from downloading always takes me 4 to 5 tries before I can download. Thanks anyways I guess I’ll have to be patient like last time.


    LOL I meant map not nap

  8. Absolute ###### amount of spyware/malware comes along with this download … Do not download through here . Mod maybe good but we shouldn’t have to deal with this much #### with a download link ….Required with your upload site or not. FIX and upload another way, Lazy…

  9. jules.raton

    Drove all the way from L.A. to Punta Prieta and back again to Arizona. I sent you a pm on facebook with screenshots and coordinates of a few misplaced items and bugs (speedbumps mostly), hope it helps, Great mod altogether, nice scenery!

  10. NascarBen

    on the road south to punta from san felipe at the water crossing, the water/road isn’t set right, you slam right into it and there is a message in the console about the water depth exceeding the max.

  11. FORNIK8TOR666

    Great map! Fantastic detail….!
    A few things need to be addressed like The invisible wall in San Diego and some other relatively minor things that others have mentioned.
    “on the road south to punta from san felipe at the water crossing, the water/road isn’t set right, you slam right into it and there is a message in the console about the water depth exceeding the max.”
    For people stressing about spyware, try using AdBlock. I’ve had no issues at all, been using it for the last few years now.

  12. bob jones

    i really wanted to drive this map but even after jumping through all the hoops the download still won’t work..

    no adblock or anything of that nature turned on

  13. Bonsoir,



  14. I’m sorry to say this i am not sure how other guys downloaded this mod with bunch of trash ad sites popping :( and after all #### click and poping..i couldn’t download the file.

  15. Great mod, But I don’t like how there are speed bumps every 5 feet lol. Less speed bumps please.

  16. I am not downloading this. That link is just spyware cancer

  17. Pablo Gómez

    Many thanks for uploading this mod!! I really liked the design and the way everything looks, however I had a little problem driving to San Felipe, in regards to the speed bumps, some of them (passing the border, mainly in Baja California) where not properly set on the street, but actually kind of “floating” giving damage to the truck, and in some cases (if I drove slow to avoid damage) getting stuck because the wheels were not on the road.
    Nice touch though with the ocean view!!!

    Muchas gracias por subir este mod, realmente me gustó mucho, las vistas y detalles son muy buenos. Sin embargo, tuve un problema manejando a San Felipe, después de la frontera, los policías muertos, o lomos de toro como le decimos acá en Chile, están muy arriba, causando daño al camión o simplemente impidiendo pasar, porque las ruedas pierden tracción al quedar en el aire. Podrías arreglar esto??

    muchas gracias y que vista al mar al llegar a San Felipe!



  18. se ve buenisimo el mapa

  19. esta super emosionante el mapa saludos y graxias

  20. gracias

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