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Mario Map for ATS v 1.5 (Upd. 29.11)

Date 2016-12-12 10:57


UPDATE ATS_Map_Cuba_by_Mario file Mario Activity Map module on 29/11/16, the patch for 1.5



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6 Responses to Mario Map for ATS v 1.5 (Upd. 29.11)

  1. Game crash V.

  2. kasia

    crashes to the desktop

  3. Mike

    Les maps Mario ETS et ATS fonctionne absolument pas !!!!

  4. peeweelulu

    patch pour mega map ?????

  5. Tibor Sándor


  6. Mario, in principle ur works r great but u r unable upload mods. U become more and more haters on all mod sites ….ur uploads all the times incomplete …Version to Version. Ur mods never works.
    Forget folders, files and more …wassup bro ?

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