Viva Mexico Map v.1.0 (Baja California Sur) Project


Compatible with version 1.4 American Truck Simulator
New update for the map “Viva Mexico” v.1.0, another state of Mexico, Baja California Sur … is incorporated includes seven new cities.

*** Updates ***

New cities:
• Bahía Tortugas
• Punta Abreojos
• Santa Rosalía
• Loreto
• Puerto San Carlos
• La Paz
• Cabo San Lucas
Skins -Pack truck designed by: Erick Sandeb
(Coca Cola, Pepsi, Corona, Tecate, Beavers, Sabritas, Pemex, Comex, Cemex, Alpura, Quaker State, Ford, Walmart)

-Bug Bugs

-barriers invisible in companies removed

-Remove Blockages in San Diego and Las Vegas (walls)

-Performance Improvements

Installation Instructions:
-Download “VivaMexicoMap_V1.0_by_hugoces.scs” file
-Paste In the folder: My Documents / American Truck Simulator / mod
(If you have the file of the previous version, clean it out)
-Open The game, activate it in the manager mods.


Next month: SONORA

Author: hugoces
Collaboration: Erick Sandeb



26 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Map v.1.0 (Baja California Sur) Project

  1. Interesting concept but you seriously should consider to work with the guys who created Coast2Coast & Mexuscan to get the comparability sorted out first. Like many others I have garage in Alaska and other place’s related to this two maps and I dont like to lose them. That would expand the world quite a bit and anyone of you can work on your own map only you need to work together to update simultaniously , or a suggestion ..create a whole new MEGAMAP ( but let us keep our garages :D ). I tested with latest C2C and MXSCAN and t is a NO GO instant crash .
    This page needs some attention dont know what is wrong with login ? Im logged in but still it dosent recognize it when IM replying .

  2. I do agree 100% with Dvojinov .
    Compatibility with Coast 2 coast and Mexuscan maps is just mandatory.
    Too bad, I won’t even download it…

    1. I wouldn’t give a fart about what you think is mandatory, and anyone on this planet can happily live ever after without you downloading and/or trolling.

      1. Hey Getalife, you really chose the right first name it suits you really nicely, I suggest a last name that would get along it really well, what about Getalife DORK …? hehehehe !!!!

        1. Truthbetold

          Honestly this map seems to have much more quality than the coast to coast map and mexuscan map. The C2C map is bare bones with lazy, inaccurate cities and long, boring, inaccurate highways and terrain, speaking from my own experience. More so, the mexuscan map has great looking cities for the most part, but unfortunately the highways are infuriatingly long, uninteresting, flat, desolate, and frankly not worth it. Fix the highways on that one and it would be perfect. Mexico? I will definitely try it out as it looks more promising.

          1. this map works fine with mexuscan,coast to coast,i-10

            you just need to know what you are doing with the editor

            Honestly I prefer coast to coast and mexuscan because there are more places to visit and I dont really care about quality

          2. I dont really care about scenery on the map :-)
            It works with mexuscan and coast to coast [you need to know what your doing]

  3. Looking forward to testdrive this, awesome work !!
    Thanks for sharing, compatibility is no problem, just check gamelog and do the ‘fixes’ and it works.

  4. Video+Test:+

  5. Yes. Please make it work with C2C and MXSCAN!

  6. You’re so smart Mike, why don’t you share and tell us how to make it compatible …???

    1. it works with the setup I have, mapmods in use, if someone else uses some other variation it wouldn’t work and only cause aggrevations, if one test the map in lower or higher priorty than the map one use as the main mapmod and start the game, when, if it crashes the gamelog tells what it is… U have to know a little how all mods works, and where sectors are on the map , duplicate sectors overwrites eachother and causes conflicts. This map is in a little conflict with C2C as both mapmods touches the San Diego Area (and this map is at the northern part changing things Phoenixregions)….and so on, haven’t figure out how to ‘patch’ this as it needs to be adjusted in both mapmods.

      1. @Mike what sectors did you delete ???

      2. Thanks for your answer Mike, that’s what I thought, I don’t know enough in this field, to be able to tweak it that much, never mind, I’ll survive without it and I’ll wait for an easier to use versio… thanks again…

        1. this map works fine with mexuscan,coast to coast,i-10
          You just need to know what you are doing with the editor :-)
          Honestly I prefer coast to coast and mexuscan because there are more places to visit and I dont really care about quality

  7. Maybe yo guys can join efforts together with C2C creator and overcome this conflicting areas ? just a thought I’m no programmer nor do I know #### about .


    Every time I try to download this map my computer starts going crazy and tells me I’ve been infected with spyware, you need to create a safer way to download your mod unless you don’t want to. looks very interesting but until you only have to press download and it sends you straight to sharemods or something else be careful when you try to download it.

  9. mexico amazing

  10. Steve Hollar

    Works great by itself. No hassle to remove C2C, Int 10, and Mexuscan, then add them back on when I want to.

    I did find a bug today. At Santa Roselia there is only one rest area at a repair station. If you try to drive forward into it, you run into an invisible wall. Not good when your icon is already red.

    Two other improvements would help too. Get the speed limits down through towns and cities, and, add some people so it does not look like a ghost town.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your Sonora upgrade.

  11. Map is good,but there is the invisible barriers on the roads.

  12. Tyler Bauer

    Bad download links with virus. Becareful everyone please put new link up Thanks

    1. psycodilion

      Norton not warned me for a virus,
      and I always scan after a mod download.

  13. Nice map, buy the game run very slow between Punta Prieta and Santa Rosalia, I think that is because there is a lot of vegetation.

  14. Found a pretty bad bug in this map. San Rosalita Mex, Repair shop. Cant get into it theres an invisible wall.

    However if you’re near there and happen to wreck and call service, you get stuck at the shop, due to said invisible wall. Cant leave. I’ve been trying to for hours.

    So until a fix can be applied, do not use this shop lol

  15. Steve Hollar

    This is so irritating. I hate to have to post to these forums in hopes that the authour, Hugoces, sees it. No way of knowing though, unless he responds. That is one of the big failings of these mods. No way to contact the authors. Anyway, maybe this will be of use to others.

    I decided to go to all the towns and check all gas stations, repair stations, and loading/unloading locations. I found two problems. The repair/rest station at Santa Rosalia still has the invisible block preventing it’s use. This is a problem if you were counting on this location to rest as that is the only one in town. It is a long way to the next one. The Oakland Shipping port at Puerto San Carlos also has an invisible wall blocking the entrance. Not fun when you travel over a thousand miles with a load, then find you can not unload it.

    Also, for Hugoces, you really do need to adjust the speed limits in the towns and cities. They are way too high. Also, add some people. It’s like driving through ghost towns.

    So there it is. Hope this helps someone, and, hope he sees it and takes care of the problems.

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