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MEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x

Date 2016-11-07 20:29


Grandiose map of North and South America with the islands and continents.
The structure MEGA Map, includes almost all known to date, the content of many maps.
Location of files in the manager, shown in the screenshot.

Fixed a crash in the city of Sacramento
Fixed found bugs
Fixed many errors arose when combining maps

Only use this map set in the profile.

Extract archives 7zip, The resulting files – scs, put it in a folder – mod and connect to the manager according to the screenshot.

ATS version 1.4.x

Download all 3 parts for correct work

Part 3 http://sharemods.com/gj7w7ivniq6a/Mega_Map_ATS_Part_3.7z.html

Authors: hugoces, Erick Sandeb, Mario, ManiaX, Mantrid, MsHeavyAlex, Team Maps EAA, voldemar56, losevo58.

DOWNLOAD 790 MB part I

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40 Responses to MEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x

  1. manuel

    hello then I do not understand why the map does not work to me, but not only with this with all the mods that I do not go I will lock the game, the game was the introduction of steam, it happened the same with euro truck removed from steam works but I do not understand I’m absurd mess they make with the mods

    • yellodevels

      hallo meine ats trucker
      die grosse map amerika läuft nicht auf meinem rechner,schade eigendlich,weil sie umfangreich ist.könnte man das nicht ändern

  2. Éric G

    Work but the world map is not correct!!!!

    We can’t zoom out for see all map.

  3. manuel

    the donwload of the second part is empty remedied

  4. renenate12

    love the map , but please replace those euro trailes please….. or someone tell me how tooo ….

  5. Deputydawg

    He didn’t make the maps so there’s no way for him to fix any of them, all he did was zip them and uploaded them. hell, the hawaii map is a waste of bandwidth as the loser just copy and pasted San Francisco, Ca.

  6. Éric G

    On the highway 5 south bound, just before San Diego but after Service center, the truck and trailer falls into nothingness??????

    Please fixe this!!

  7. ManiaX

    This is a mega ####….

    Why the moderator accept to repost this scrap again and again???

  8. petr

    litlle problem me crash santos fly san diego nothingness
    very fix map

  9. petr

    please fix map

  10. Benjamin


    • Deputydawg

      He didn’t make the map. Hell, it’s not even ONE map. It’s a bunch of maps this lamer downloaded and then compressed and reuploaded here.

  11. Calgarian



  12. scotty

    I love this map…now busy with my scot on my first trip of 6487 miles :)

  13. arnuX LTU

    why its no connection with maps

  14. kevin60927

    WOW!Amazing Mod.Thank you for making this awesome mod

  15. виталий

    на этой карте половина дорог в разрыв че за фигня

  16. human

    hope see map for 1.26.x game version

  17. Tyler Bauer

    Great map but those of you saying can’t get it to work or look right on your screen it’s because you have to get the order right. And sir you have the file for the mexico map but it is not working and doesn’t show up but other than that it’s a great map. I have even combined other maps with it as well and it’s all working just fine

  18. kasia

    Hello. Beautiful map, wonderful sounds. It will be a continuation of maps in version 1.5 ATS ?

  19. alexcyrh22

    is its work with ats 1.5??

  20. Alex

    This map encountered the invisible dead-ends on the roads and cannot drive, how to fix it?

  21. Dilon

    How to zoom in on the map?

    • tsakis

      if you have in the mods the Sound Fixes Pack, then add in the mod from the Sound Fixes Pack the Map zoom – Normal also….first af all others

  22. mixalotaz

    to many bugs…

  23. LasQa

    Not so good anymore.
    First I was impressed, but then I’ve driving along 65 route and in one moment got empty map and start to fall down under texture. First of all I think it’s too many bugs. Fix this map and everything gonna be alright :)

  24. Marcus


  25. Jupp

    THIS IS THE ####
    a very big thank you for this fine piece of art.

  26. mix

    everywhere invisible+walls.+please+fix+all+roads.+i+found+5+problematics+places…+and+who+knows+howmany+there+is+more…

  27. paulo augusto do amaral paiva

    boa noite parabens pelo mapa, muito show, ao editor, venho solicitar a possibilidade de colocar o mapa tbm para ETS2 , parte (USA,MEXUSCAN,HAWAI ) vai ficar muito bom tambem com os outros maps ja existentes no ets2 , obrigado.

  28. kasia

    It is already a version of the game 1.5. It will be adapted to this mega map? please reply

  29. NitroUK

    Please update this for v1.5 as i love this map..thanks,,

  30. Suprene

    Is there one that works on 1.5 version

  31. Siatkarz2

    PLS update map

  32. America lover



  33. Bobby Salinas

    the game crashes on loading screen and its the only mod i wanted to us contact me for help to fix pls

  34. santiago


  35. frank

    instale este mod y no me funciono. ahora el juego tampoco me abre. no se que hacer. tengo la v1.33 y estoy preocupado por perder mi partida. si alguien puede ayudarme

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