Viva Mexico Legacy v.2.1

Changes v2.1
Fixed bugs
reworked roads

Changes v2.0.9
Fixed bugs
Fixed inwisible walls

Changes v2.0.8
Update for 1.39

Changes v2.5.8
– Bugs fixed
– Fixed invisible wall

Changes v2.5.7
– Full update for 1.38
– Bugs fixed

Changes v2.5.3C
Various fixes
Invisible Walls Fixed

Changes v2.5.3
Update for 1.37

– Tecuala
– San Blas
– Tepic
– Compostela
– Ixtlan del Rio
– Nvo. Vallarta



5 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Legacy v.2.1

  1. Gully Dwarf


  2. There is no such thing as Viva Mexico Legacy 2.1

    This is Viva Mexico Legacy 2.0.9, Which is only supposed to beavailable to
    Reforma Mods patreon supporters.

  3. Scam!

  4. Esta es la versión hay un error en el archivo de descarga

  5. Digital X

    This is the 3rd false upload I have seen here, why do people keep coming back? Just stick to the SCS Forum.

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