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Utility 3000R Split Axle Trailer

Date 2018-01-17 10:56

Original credits go to “Alan, Ivan, Jab, Jessy”
Credits to crazyjonathan48 For making the trailers split axle and for making the Fruehauf a shorter tandem trailer.

Alan, Ivan, Jab, Jessy


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3 Responses to Utility 3000R Split Axle Trailer

  1. JESAN

    Love it, thanks for sharing.
    Alas, this mod “competes” with the other Utility 3000 mod (Steam) because the defs are the same.So it’s not possible to use both mods, otherwise one overwrites the other.

  2. Nice job! Please make 48ft trailer with split axle:)

  3. Had to edit the Defs to make this standalone. once I did that, this made a GREAT addition to my Utility fleet. Many thanks :)

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