Custom 2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update 18.11.2017

2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update.
AO Baked
Steer axle
Lift Axles
Company paint job system
Independent cargos
-Curtain side
3 Variants to choose from!!
-4 Axle Spread (Replaced 7 Axle)
-4 Axle With Steer Axle
-Spread Axle 53 Ft

Corby, Dro Modding, Kyle Ats, Dejon Wade, B4RT Modding


One thought on “Custom 2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update 18.11.2017

  1. Randy Wolkens

    Having trouble with this mod currently. Tail lights/rear side markers are showing red boxes (texture not found).

    Brake lights/turn signals/side markers are fine. I’ve tried to change the mod order around in a vague attempt to fix this to no avail. Thinking it might be a mod conflict, but I have no other mod trailers atm.

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