USMC Truck Skin Mod for Kenworth W900 v 1.0


This truck skin mod is inspired by the USMC (United States Marine Corps). My late father was a Marine for 20 years. This inspired me to do a truck skin. If you’re currently active in the Marines, or retired, or have a loved who is active/retired in the Marines, please download this truck skin! It comes with a bunch of decals and room for your business name/logo. No worries for those of from other branches of the US Armed Forces, I will do more in the near future. Thank you.

If you redo this mod, please co-credit me.

If you would like your in-game business/logo, please message me.

Author: Toyman74


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2 thoughts on “USMC Truck Skin Mod for Kenworth W900 v 1.0

    1. Thanks, Fid! Your skins are awesome! An honor indeed! Keep on skinning!

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