10 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Scuderia Ferrari Skin

  1. Why make skins for a truck that doesnt work on 1.2

    1. You must have a mod of the k100 that doesn’t work.
      I have driven it in 1.2 and having no problems at all!

    2. For me works like a charm.

  2. solaris36

    My k100 edit v3 needs a little update, but it works on 1.2. :-)

    Good skin. Can i include this in skins collection to k100 edit v4? ;-)

    1. I would be honered if you would do so!

  3. Finally it for a long time someone makes a good skin for this “solaris36” beautiful
    truck. Only in this way and good luck in the future. Thank you.

    For solarisa36; little update would not hurt.

  4. It was a pleasure making this skin.
    If someone has a request, i sure will have a look at it.

    1. I would love to see some company skins for this beautiful truck, Dr. Rossi (like Knight Transportation, Walmart, Sneider, C.R.England, ABCO, Watkins, Landstar, Celadon etc).

      Btw, thank you for this beautiful skin, bro! ;)

      1. I will have a look next week.
        First a week of holiday :)

        1. Ok, thank you! :)

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