Ushington (BETA.10)

Ushington is a fictional map addon for American Truck Simulator. This island nation off the coast of California features rational city designs, vast suburban roads, and memorable rural destinations. Unlike other fictional maps, this mod aims to create a realistic experience while remaining fictional and fun.

BETA.10 Changes:
– Expansion of the map further west
– Reskin of old Bilge industrial area
– Major additions to Dolgate (old Roundabout City)
– Removed old Bilge city center (this will eventually be added somewhere else)

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3 thoughts on “Ushington (BETA.10)

  1. Hello! Thank you for update. I integrated your creation long time for my Giga combo.
    This update compatible to v1.39 game?

  2. Sorry, I tested this night, no work. Conflict save. But, no problem, I use old version 0.4 in my v1.39 combo. Thank.

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