Project Straylia – ATS 1.41

The Straylia project is a 1:10 scale recreation of the southern coast of Australia.
The goal of this project is to bring an authentic Australian cargo transportation experience to ATS with minimal compromises.

This is not just a map mod, but rather an offline experience.
It is recommended to use it with Australian mods for trucks and trailers.
Standalone map

500 km of Australian roads – mostly bitumen, a little mud
5 cities / towns
Trailers of the base game, adapted to Australian specifications for maximum towing – grain and timber trailers.
Australian weight standards and traffic rules
Your companies
Your economy profile
Your weather profile

You need to create a new profile, select australia in the maps module.
For the game version 1.41. x

More Information About This Project:



5 thoughts on “Project Straylia – ATS 1.41

  1. This looks likes its based in Western Australia if google maps is to be believed. I’m hoping that you are going to do parts of NSW and Victoria too.

  2. SweetAmberAUS

    awesome, its nice to drive in familiar surroundings, the only gripe so far besides the other little things is norseman is a much more open town, the town streets are not what they actually are, they need to be much much wider and open, but the rest, well that seems to be fine, keep it up dont stop we aussies need a good map

  3. So, It all looks very nice. Even seems believable: until you discover there’s no #### way to get to Australia from anywhere in the fkn USA! You #####. You could’ve added a ###### ferry port somewhere so we can travel there.

  4. how do i stop my game from crashing and how do i travel to australia

  5. Haider Jaafar

    what’s the link for the Scania mod in the photos?

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