US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v I-80 I-580 fix

US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-1 US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-2 US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-3

v.1.2 = – actually works with MHAPro 1.2 (just changes a intersection to base game).

v.1.3.1 = Made compatible with MHApro 1.3.1

v.1.4 = -Extends CA99 from Sacramento to Chico,
-Adds Cities Yuba City and Chico.

v.1.4.1 = -fixes issue with company in Chico
-Removed lights from Reno I-80

v.1.4.2 = – fixed issues with company

v.1.4.3 (optional) = – added texture for for CA 20 and CA 32
– Added 2 new loads for box trailer, empty and palets.

v.1.4.4 = – Changed the intersection of I-80 and I-580 to the real one (smaller scaled)

v. = removed invisible barrier on I-80 and I-580

Loading order: US50 & CA99, Mexuscan, MHApro, C2C.

Tested 1.2 Game Version

Author: seal0027

DOWNLOAD 8 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 8 MB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v I-80 I-580 fix

  1. The I-80/I-580(US-395) is that a clover leaf interchange?

  2. Thx for the excellent scenery in this mod, Overall a very nice mod .
    I have tried the C2C mod, driving west to east and half way back before I deleted the mod. No scenery at all, only the same boring road over and over again 

  3. Richard88

    I ran into a invisible wall on North side of walbert in Yuba City.

  4. Richard88

    i hit a invisible wall in Yuba City North side of walberts headed west

  5. Try using this mod
    The wall mentioned is visable with this mod.

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