Transmission Physics


Hi, This mods change the engine braking and flywheel inertia.

The engine braking are not the jake brake. Its the time the engine brake before to get to the idle (normaly 500RPM) Work with all truck and newest version (1.2.x)

I recommended to use with a Steering wheel with the clutch pedal but if you want it take it !

This Transmission Physics are tested with Pet 379 EXHD with a 3406E engine 375HP and 1920 torque with 3.40 rear differential and a heavy trailer (50.000lb +/-) If you have a truck under 400HP, do not take a 80.000lb+ of trailer. The truck will rush it.

Any bug ? Contact me on Facebook:

Authors: oXyDe DRIVERS, SCS


2 thoughts on “Transmission Physics

  1. Great diesel inertia, thank you!

  2. swiftrans

    truck will rush it??

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