US 191 Southern Arizona

Hello guys, this is a map mod that adds the stretch of route 191 below I-10 in Arizona.
There you will have two companies where you can load and unload (look for cargo in San Simon, AZ)

Tested at 1.40, test on other versions.

Leo Lima


7 thoughts on “US 191 Southern Arizona

  1. @Leo Lima

    Hello, mark you “Tested at 1.40, test on other versions.”

    Does the mod also work in version 1.36 of the game?
    or is it too old

    1. Hello! Is fake mapping. 700 Mo is full SCS map. Erase all parts. Probably beginner modder.

      1. Digital X

        You’re correct, it’s EVERY Sector on the map, NOT just the Sector that the modder altered, Which should have been included. No wonder it’s 700MB.

      2. Thank you to you, we will see if the author of the mod reacts.

        1. No problem. I am here to help the community. ;-)
          And to answer your question of whether this add-on also works in v1.36, if you don’t use any other map, or combo, that doesn’t affect this area, there shouldn’t be a problem. :-)

          1. Thanks BigJhonOfficialPRP for your help ;)

  2. TomDooley

    Two nice pickup points in the SouthEast corner of AZ! Thanks for sharing!

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