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Date 2021-03-28 09:56

-Pierre,eagle butte,huron added.

-New scenic towns added to country roads.

-South dakota finished(some north cities coming future with north dakota)

-Adapted for new lighting system and 1.40 version of Ats

-Maybe 100 or more bugs and performance optimisations.

-Us 20 chadron-valentine road part rebuilded.

-Have Fun!



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7 Responses to GREAT AMERICA v1.9

  1. Krzysztof Jędrzejewski

    A nie można by było, dać alternatywnego linku w postaci mirrora? Nie każdy chce płacić, za ściągnięcie mapy.
    And it would not be possible to give an alternative link in the form of a mirror? Not everyone wants to pay for downloading the map.

  2. HaMMa

    link not work

  3. Fghdjfjhfkjtjkj

    Rip that ####

  4. Compatible with Coast to Coast map mod?

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