-Pierre,eagle butte,huron added.

-New scenic towns added to country roads.

-South dakota finished(some north cities coming future with north dakota)

-Adapted for new lighting system and 1.40 version of Ats

-Maybe 100 or more bugs and performance optimisations.

-Us 20 chadron-valentine road part rebuilded.

-Have Fun!



11 thoughts on “GREAT AMERICA v1.9

  1. Krzysztof Jędrzejewski

    A nie można by było, dać alternatywnego linku w postaci mirrora? Nie każdy chce płacić, za ściągnięcie mapy.
    And it would not be possible to give an alternative link in the form of a mirror? Not everyone wants to pay for downloading the map.

  2. link not work

    1. yes, it do work, but you have to pay for it

      1. Sikerim nobody wants to buy for it. Just rip it, and the guy will learn his lession.

        1. Many people want to buy high quality mods. Stealing is wrong. You don’t want to buy it, that’s your choice.

  3. Fghdjfjhfkjtjkj

    Rip that ####

  4. Compatible with Coast to Coast map mod?

    1. Nope. This is either or.

  5. I’m not sure why it’s so criticized for Patreon support.

    The guy puts effort to create map. Ok, he uses assets premade by SCS, but in all honesty – you don’t need to buy it. I’m glad I actually have an option to do so. I don’t feel I’m rebuying scs assets – I feel I pay for the effort as any other service in life.

    Just because most mods are freeware, doesnt mean we should be so spoiled to criticize.

    1. It’s really quite simple. He is profiting off of assets he has no ownership over, thats a crime. How do you steal what’s already stolen?

  6. Magdalena Franks

    Where is the cracked Link. I don’t pay that soab.

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