4 thoughts on “UPS trailer

  1. I+guess+I’ll+give+you+an+E+for+effort.+UPS+trailers+are+gray+with+the+logo+towards+the+front+of+the+trailer.+There+should+not+be+a+logo+on+the+rear+of+the+trailer.+UPS+does+not+have+any+refrigerated+trailers+unless+you+are+hauling+for+UPS+Freight.+UPS+Freight+bought+some+old+Motor+Cargo+trailers+that+had+units+on+the+front+of+them.+One+other+small+issue+is+that+the+wheels+should+be+black.+(UPS+policy)

  2. UPS doesn’t even run reefers. 0/10 don’t skin again

  3. i no all this just did it for the hell of it thanks for your non valid opinions though very much appreciated

    1. I thank you for taking the time to create the mod and for being brave enough to offer it for us to give it a try. May I suggest creating a skin for a company that does use reefers? Ignore the haters and grow your skills. Thank you.

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