Trailers in Traffic for ATS 1.4 (OPEN BETA ONLY)

Trailers-in-Traffic-1 Trailers-in-Traffic-2 Trailers-in-Traffic-3

This mod add some hidden for traffic trailers and cargo.
Also it ADD some skins for trailers, so you can choice trailer skin you want.
Here show some new methods to add skins for trailers, and show how it draw my another way than SCS Wiki.


Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 7 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 7 MB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “Trailers in Traffic for ATS 1.4 (OPEN BETA ONLY)

  1. Edyta Górka


  2. Mod have error
    rename to

  3. I dont have 1.4 so I cant download this mod -_-

  4. is the previews from the game ?

    nothing I see in the beta

  5. US Express should not be on a refer, the Werner refers are White with a long blue broken logo down the side and that arrow should be pointing forward as Werner never has their Arrow pointed backwards.

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