Uncle D Logistics – McLane Foodservice Distribution Kenworth W900 Skin


I get asked ah million times which trucking company did I actually drive for when I was a CDL driver, well here is the main one I drove for in Denver CO, McLane Foodservice Distribution and I mainly delivered goods to 7/11 stores, I also drove for Master Craft Cabinets and a few other outfits….
Your free to share my skins if you like long as credits and download link remain the same.
*Do Not Alter My Skins Without My Permission*

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2 thoughts on “Uncle D Logistics – McLane Foodservice Distribution Kenworth W900 Skin


    Hi Uncle D, and thanks for all your mods their great, could you make a beacon mod for the trucks, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t understand why SCS forgot to put beacons in ATS.

  2. Your welcome glad you like em. There are a couple decent beacon mods in the workshop at current in the 1.6 update, I use the one in the mod called “W900 Add Ons”

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