Uncle D ETS2 ATS CB Radio Chatter Mod v 2.03


Well drivers, back at ya with yet another new edition to my pre-recorded CB Chatter mods for all you drivers whose internet connections can’t handle live streaming stations or the live stream is boring cause nobody is talking. You can always have plenty of that CB radio blah blah blah with these mods. V2.03 is now ready and I hope you drivers continue to enjoy the “noise” like I do on them long hauls across SCS maps. These mods and all my mods work with both American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator 2
Keep On Trucking
“Uncle D”

This mod is simple to install, copy and paste the mp3 file into your ATS or ETS2 music folder NOT MOD FOLDER, and turn it on in your sim radio player and go. Hope you U.S. drivers out there enjoy them, and S/O’s to all the other hot mod makers out there in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator community world!

This mod was tested in ATS V1.1.3

You can find all my past mods on most of the major mod download sites, I’ve seen em all over the place lately, just Google “Uncle D CB Chatter Mod”

Warning: Language in some parts of ALL my chatter mods is adult oriented. USA Truckers have potty mouths, however the object to these mods is to keep it real sounding….

Author: Uncle D Studios © 2016


One thought on “Uncle D ETS2 ATS CB Radio Chatter Mod v 2.03

  1. MetalDragon

    Kind of reminds me of KSP Kerbal chatter but I do find it immerses you more into the game if it’s not already in there you really need to add some Candy cane snippets in there ;)

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