Uncle D Ats Ets@ Cb Radio Chatter Live Stream Stations V1.01


OK driver’s, there might not be too many more updates for CB channels in my future stations playlists, there’s just not enough decent streams out there I can find, most are just dead air all day long so I’m not even gonna add em, so you have 2 CB channels in this updated list to choose from and at times you got to get lucky and catch talkers on live, so I’ve added Chicago, Las Vegas & L.A. police streams to this list as they NEVER shut up LOL! 3 new music stations from ole school Motown to new school Hip-Hop.

Now lets 1st get something straight drivers, if you don’t have a decent internet connection speed streaming is not for you and stick to using my pre-recorded mods instead. Next, CB radio chatter is for mature mined drivers, these guys talk about any and everything and don’t watch their mouth’s at times when broadcasting so you might catch something in a live stream not cool for the kids ok.

Now if you DO have a decent internet connection here’s what you wanna do with this playlist file, all you’ll need to do is drop this file in your MAIN sim folder, NOT MOD OR MUSIC FOLDER, you will be prompted to overwrite the file, click yes and your all set, open your sim go to the radio stream side and if you did it right you should see the list, included in this playlist is some other music radio stations from rock, to pop, to country etc etc etc you’ll have to scroll through the list.

Included in this list is my Indie radio station stream MMS World Wide Radio Network of new up and coming HipHop R&B & Reggae artists from around the world.
2 CB Chatter stations, 3 new music station, 3 new Police streams as well as all the other stations from my 1st list

“Uncle D”

This playlist was tested in American Truck Simulator V1.1.1.3 but should work in all versions as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2 versions.
Warning: CB Radio Chatter Contains Adult Language At Times!
Uncle D Studios © 2016
All Rights Reserved

Uncle D Studios © 2016


9 thoughts on “Uncle D Ats Ets@ Cb Radio Chatter Live Stream Stations V1.01

  1. so where is all the girls at here ???? come on ladies talk

  2. none of your files are downloading

    1. Works fine for me.

  3. windows cant open this file??

    1. never mind, i fount out how to download it, but whenever I put the download into the main sim folder and replace it, no stations come up in game. I Evan changed the file into notepad and tried to manually put them in that way, still, no success. pleeasse help, I love Uncle D’s mods and this one looks awesome

      1. James you shouldn’t have had to change anything, you simply just replace this sii file with the one in you main sim folder but try this….1st thing. load you sim, next go to radio stream and click “update from the internet” that will reset the list, close your sim, replace the sii, open back up sim and DO NOT CLICK update from internet and the list should show up, If you keep clicking update from the internet it will keep resetting the list to the default list

  4. dosent work

  5. please make a mod that has the same system as 18 wheels of steel Dispatch system, That only what I wanna donwload, The same Dispatch System to contact with other truckers asking for the weither or traffic or bubba jays, even answer their questions what they asking for like in 18 wheels of steel.

  6. I’m gonna say this one more time……..if your on a even so-so internet connection streaming radio is NOT FOR YOU! All these station play just fine on my connection…sometimes servers are updating or overloaded but that’s rare….I just checked this list again just now and ALL stations are still streaming no problem…so if it’s not playing for you 1st thing I’ll say is blame your internet connection…..streaming radio station only work well on top end internet connections….if you internet is under 25mps exspect problems….stick to per recorded stuff

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