Ultra Powerful American Truck (v3.0)


Name: Ultra Powerful
Price: 25000 – Changed!
Unlock: 3 – Changed!
HP: 1250 – Changed!
kW: 845 – Changed!
Torque: 4000 – Changed!
Rpm Limit: 2500
Engine Brake: 4.0



4 thoughts on “Ultra Powerful American Truck (v3.0)

  1. loool mod for kids with no talent…….go play need for speed

  2. hahah I agree with you Pieper. Why not 9999999 kw and toque 99999999999999?

  3. lol @pieper it’s a video game anybody can play tho, anyway they want to at any time, Why you trying to tell somebody to do something else? cuz you can get away with it ONLINE.

  4. Yea, I’m not seeing this at any dealership….

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