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5 thoughts on “Multi-colored beacon and flashing police beacon for all trucks

  1. CaptainD430

    where in the mod list do i put this so it shows up? first in list it doesnt show last in list it doesnt show help!

  2. Horror_LP

    Looks nice! Let’s catch some criminals with this truck ^^

  3. Having some issues trying download the mod. It sends me to and When I click on the download link nothing happens. Can someone help me out please ?

    1. HelpfulStranger

      When ShareMods opens, press free download and then another ShareMods page opens, this time press download file. This time, a message confirming what you want to do with the file opens up, press save file and extract the files with 7Zip to the mod folder. Hope this helps :)

  4. is it just flashing lights and beacons or other types of lights? light spot lights for the bullbar etc?

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