TT Route Advisor 1.38

ATS Route Manager

The ATS Route manager has been moved to the top of the screen.
All functions work with standard advisor keys.
Adapted from Hemil’s route manager.
Works with ATS v1.38.X.X.

Have fun
Tekteker Haydar

ATS Rota Yöneticisi

ATS Rota yöneticisi ekranın üst kısmına taşınmıştır.
Tüm fonksiyonlar standart advisor tuşları ile çalışır.
Hemil’s rota yöneticisinden uyarlanmıştır.
ATS v1.38.X.X ile çalışır.

İyi eğlenceler
Tekteker Haydar

Hemil, wik412, Tekteker Haydar


6 thoughts on “TT Route Advisor 1.38

  1. not showing the map like it should you you have is the job info at the top what about it showing you the sat nav map so u can see where your going
    please fix

  2. not showing the map please fix

  3. F3, F5, F6, F7 and the key you define to see intermediate destinations on the map.

    1. done all that and don’t work

    2. all working now thanks

  4. works ok for me as I had this one in my old Advisor on 1.37 which was great
    then on 1.38 my advisor did not work all that great with 1.37 of my mod
    so in using this it did correct the added feature to the advisor all worked great.
    with some modifications to my existing advisor for 1.38 now I have it back like I want it. Now I have a question can you or myself move just the advisor mini-map
    from top center when pressing f5 key to cycle the mini-map can I myself move just the mini-map left right bottom middle or where ever if I just want to move the mini-map only is this possible ?? Can it be done hopefully you or someone could tell me how been on the forum and looking at the mod pack for the advisor have not found that yet? Let me know


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