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Transco Lines, Inc. was founded in October 1984. The Company is headquartered in Russellville, AR on I-40 between Little Rock and Fort Smith.The skin is designed for the Volvo VNL 670 ATS v1.2 by Aradeth



10 thoughts on “Transco Lines inc

  1. That is town where my family and I evacuated too from a hurricane one time. I will have to check out this skin, thanks! :)

    1. A hurricane is something i would rather avoid at anytime sure hope the experience was short lived for you guys :) and thanks for checking the skin out …..

  2. can you make some company skins from California and Nevada for v1.3 of the vnl 670 love your skins thank you very much :-)

    1. hi rjf i have just done another skin to be uploaded for a company based out of Ohio which company skins are you interested in? also the skins i do are all tested on the current 1.3 volvo….many thanks!

  3. ldi trucking from California dhe from California and united van lines from california if you need the pics of the trucks I can find them for you if you want

    1. ok leave it with me mate ill see what i can do for you….

    2. can you email me the links to the company’s websites to [email protected] i wanna make sure i do the right company’s rjf :)

      1. woops thats [email protected] :) not the first one mate :)

        1. ok I will email them to you in a couple of days

  4. ok thank you

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