9 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 YRC Freight Skin

  1. Man you are a great skinner!!!!

    1. thanks for the nice comment andre its appreciated …though im not great skinner compared to a few users on here im average at best :) i just enjoy skinning , if you ever need a skin and i can do it you know how to find me :)

  2. Arthur Vince

    Nice one, thank you!!

    1. no problem Arthur….ive just finished another skin which is waiting to be added to the site thats the TransCo Lines Inc company using the Volvo VNL 670 ATS v1.2 by Aradeth

  3. Hey in paint.net how do you get the text to rotate with rotating everything else? Trying to make skins myself

    1. i dont use Paint.Net much these days but here is your answer : “Open Paint.NET, then select the write tool from the left toolbar. …
      Click the “Layers” tab in the top toolbar,Drag the mouse around the perimeter of the rotation circle and release the click when the text has rotated to the point you want.”

  4. I figured it out but I need the truck scs file to make the skin to use in ETS2 studio can you send that to me please

    1. here you go mate just add this mod to your ets2 studio


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