Train Mod v 2.0 for ATS 1.5 (open beta ONLY)

train-2 train-1

Train mod for ATS 1.5 only
Mod updated to version 2.0

Added 2 train, from 30 upto 60 wagons
Locomotives can be 2 or 3
Reduced spawn ratio
Reduced Train speed to 80 km/h
1. Truck trailers
2. Double stack containers

Piva, SCS

DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Uploadfiles]

9 thoughts on “Train Mod v 2.0 for ATS 1.5 (open beta ONLY)

  1. Really? Just for open beta? The other version crashe game… C’mon!

    1. If you understood the updates that came with open beta, you’ll see why this mod only works in it. To save you the time of reading, trains were improved in ATS 1.5 with additional cargo types, and more realistic physics.

  2. why not just get your open beta and you can use the mod

  3. It’s for open beta because no one wants to use the old/crappy game map in ATS 1.4 and below.

  4. SpeedyHaul

    Yep gotta do work for whats next not waste time on outdated versions, as soon as I quit having diarrhea I’m so driving My truck to Railroad tracks n checking this out !!! :D LOL

    1. Thanks for the unwanted information ;)

  5. Nice mod. But I realized when your in town the train spawns over the tracks but then quickly disappears? Anyway to keep it from doing that? It works fine when your on the highway.

  6. I’ve had to stop at like 4 crossings in the last few hours or so, and all I’ve seen is just one solo loco. I’m playing in 1.5 and have the mod as high priority. I dunno…

  7. Without this mod i had to wait for four trains at one crossing. Just as one cleared the crossing two more spawned in going opposite directions and then after that another one did.

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