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Pack 1 Cajas Mexicanas Company

Date 2016-11-22 16:51

mexicanas-company-1 mexicanas-company-2 mexicanas-company-3

Creado por:

Carlos Lopez- “by _CL”

Datos Mod:

Mod – de cajas y compañias mexicanas

remplasaran compañias norteamericanas.

Compañia del Juego | Compañia mexicana
lkwlog.dds | oxxo (Tienda Autoservicio)
nbfc.dds | Electra (Tienda de Electrodomesticos)
posped | Telmex (Telefonia)
san_builders | Liverpool (Tienda Departamental)
sell_plan | Coppel (Tienda Departamental)
stokes | Jumex (jugo)
tradeaux | Bimbo (Pan blanco)
trameri | Corona (cerveza)
transinet | Lala (Leche)
tree_et | Coca-cola (Distribuidor de Bebidas)

La intencion es .. crear un entorno del juego muy parecido a la realidad,..


Created by:

Carlos Lopez- “by _CL”
Country: MEXICO
City: Zacatecas

Mod Data:

Mod – Mexican boxes and companies

North American companies.

Game Company | Mexican company
lkwlog.dds | Oxxo (Self-Service Store)
nbfc.dds | Electra (Electrodomestics Shop)
posped | Telmex (Telephony)
san_builders | Liverpool (Department Store)
sell_plan | Coppel (Department Store)
stokes | Jumex (juice)
tradeaux | Bimbo (White bread)
trameri | Crown (beer)
transinet | Lala (Milk)
tree_et | Coca-Cola (Beverage Distributor)

The intention is .. create a game environment very similar to reality, ..

Carlos Lopez – by_CL


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  1. Этот мод предназначен для Euro Truck Simulator 2
    This mod is designed for Euro Truck Simulator 2

  2. Amtmodding

    wrong game…

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