19 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Overweight V1

  1. Nice to see oversize but… “No File”

    Re-upload pls. :)

  2. Arthur Vince

    Moderator Fix that Share mods problem.. al lot of nice looking mods cant be download.. p.s. Fred nice mod, try MediaFire next time as uploading site.. Share mods has problems..

  3. The use sharemods to make some money and buy some food..
    They are poor :(

  4. Not appear in delivery.

  5. @Mahad: You have to sleep before shipments

  6. Justadude

    Nice, but it has some issues. See:
    Classic bug: http://kepkezelo.com/images/wf7zhelczefhqze8vcpb.png

    Also frustrating, you just can’t pull it off, it gets stuck no matter what you do:

  7. cheewe141

    everythink is nice but trailers are to long to leave a yard a specialy with airbus
    its no chance

  8. Yeah, Chewee141, another waste of our time putting trailers into this Simulator only for them not too work properly, pack DELETED, FOREVER, and any other trailer mods will be ignored from this team in the future.

  9. solaris36

    Hey, I not upload this mod to play on ATS game.
    I know there are too big for this map, so not uploaded them, but other people did.
    I now work on a oversize trailer USA version.

    1. _Classic_

      I’m looking forward to those new trailers.
      At the moment the wind vanes work OK, I’ve done a couple of trips with those, with no damage and parking at the end. The problem is most are parked around the back of Voltison and all together, so there is no chance to try them.


  10. Raptor05121

    Simply too big for ATS. You cannot get the cargo out of the yard without damage. Intersections, you’ll always hit cars. The interstate flower onramps, youll scrape the sides, its so tall it’ll smack against overpasses. Good luck parking it.

    Removing it for the time being

  11. big problem on some city trailers or simply can not be taken because the trailer takes all the space of the park of the warehouse and there is not even room to make any disengagement operation !!

  12. well, some of the trailers are too big, but the mod stays activated … just skip those superlong trailers parked in tight spots at the companies and you’ll be fine :)

    will take a huge trailer load to Hawaii and see what happens in the port

  13. _Classic_

    The heavy and wide generator needs some boards and lights on its corners. Other than that its a rather ugly but interesting and challenging load, wider than the rest but low enough to go under all bridges.



  14. Theres one good cheat to use this super trailers !!!!!

    You must have edited config file ! ENABLED DEVELOPER TOOLS !!!

    You can use free camera then…and teleport stuck truck with big trailer whenever you want…you can even park the biggest trailer in small sized places…

  15. _Classic_

    There are pictures of 2 locos in the list, but I only see 1 in game.
    Are there 1 or 2?


  16. one big issue found already by someone else the jumbo jet fuselage will not clear under some overpasses causing extensive damage. do not use the jumbo jet as cargo. the rest seem to work so far

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