American Tipper Trailer


Tested version 1.1.x
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer

* Respect the download link *

Trailer: Yankee Trucker, Rubberduck,
Hardtrucksthebest, Eclipse, Bruno77,
Bora, Chris1, Lukaz, Dcving,
Ventyres, Robert, SCS, RBR-DUK

Convert for ATS: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “American Tipper Trailer

  1. The third time, that i see this Trailer here…
    What’s new here ?

  2. @farmie: Go play elsewhere, little baby

    1. RegularJohn53

      It was already converted.

  3. this mod is for you farmie >>> u like crying little boy :)
    This mod is only for the little boy “farmie”
    He loves cry we’ll do it then cry :)

    Model: Micha-BF3
    Convert Fred_be

    This trailer will soon come in a pack

    1. He was only asking a question…

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