Trailer Pack Fuel v 1.0

Mod of trailers with skins of oil and gas companies.
In the package 4 cargo and 10 skins for 2 tanks (Gas and Acid):

– British Petroleum
– Chevron
– ExxonMobil
– Pemex
– Royal Dutch Shell
– Saudi Aramco
– Texaco
– Gazprom
– Lukoil
– Rosneft

Mod autonomous, nothing replaces the game.
All the trailers are included in the traffic.
For version 1.30

When placing the mod for other resources to preserve the author’s link!

SCS, Omenman


3 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Fuel v 1.0

  1. Полностью тело файла груза такое:
    trailer_def : .gazprom
    trailer: trailer.gazprom
    mass: 20000.0
    cog_offset: 1
    cog_offset[]: (0.0, 1, 0.0)

    1. Yes, I know, I edited with a notebook and missed this moment. In the next version I’ll fix everything.

  2. Can+these+be+set+up+as+Hazmat+loads+seeing+petroleum+products+are+in+all+reality+Hazmat?+They+should+also+have+the+proper+Hazmat+placards+too.


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