New USA Trailers pack

New USA Trailers pack
Version: 3.0

BigBadWerewolf (new skins, adding cargoes, textures changes, etc.);
FastFox (Bad Dragon skin);
Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe (original “USA Trailers Pack Update 1.3” mod);
MadoYaghi (Utility 3000R Reefer lights, chassis, some other parts);
MSI Habdorn (Midland Gravel Trailers wheels).

New in 3.0:
– Replaced chassis, lights and wheels;
– Reworked Warhammer and Samsung skins;
– Added 6 new skins;
– Bar on chrome parts replaced to rivets.

Mod adds a large number of new standalone trailers with non-refrigerated cargoes. All trailers support advanced coupling and added in traffic.

Some trailers can be found in certain companies only:
BestBuy – Charged;
Dow Chemical – Chemso;
Kiewit – Coastline Mining;
Meritage Homes – Plaster & Sons;
Cafepress – 42 Print;
UPS – SellGoods;
Walmart – Wallbert;
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Voltison;
Monsanto – Sunshine Crops;
KraftHeinz – Bushnell Farms;
Schramsberg – Darchelle Uzau;
Without logo – other companies.

Some trailers has only one cargo, but you can find them in different companies:
Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola – beverages;
Bad Dragon – Bad dragon sex toys;
Razer – computers;
Bridgestone – tyres;
Puma – clothes;
Lego – toys;
McDonalds, Subway – packaged food;
AMD – electronic components;
Samsung – TVs;
Ashley Furniture – furniture;
Pacific Coast Fruit Company – vegetables.

Other trailers can be found in various companies.

Template in archive

BigBadWerewolf, FastFox, Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe, MadoYaghi, MSI Habdorn


11 thoughts on “New USA Trailers pack

  1. thanks for the update of this nice pack to 1.30 and some new skins.

  2. Need HALP! I can’t FIND some trailers in the game for several days in a row every 3 hours. Trailers like “Pacific coast”, “ASHLEY”, “SUBWAY”, “BRidgestone”…

  3. *HELP

    1. BigBadWerewolf

      This trailers have only one cargo, You need to find this cargo and click to “Trailer selection” menu for choose this trailers.

      1. Yes i did this @”for several days in a row every 3 hours”… nothing…

      2. Please check if there is an error in mod…

  4. Jim Morrison

    Remove the LGBT and drug related trailers and I’ll download the pack. Thanks.

    1. BigBadWerewolf

      I will not delete these skins. You can unpack mod, replace them manually with other skins and pack back. All skins are located in vehicle\trailer\nusatp\skins folder.

      1. Fine, we won’t download the pack then, you’ve wasted your time and effort, you’ll never learn, will you, children!!!!

  5. Nice trailer !
    Would be nice if you can make a 3axles version and add maybe some skirts to the trailer !

    Nice work

  6. Please pleaseeeeeeeeee update to 1.37 version! Log is floded with errors and the trailers are not visible in-game! Tried several versions and all are giving the same errors

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